Community Member Research Guide


Are you a community manager who:

Has trouble with community engagement?
Unsure what content to post to your community?

The most common reason is not understanding your community members well enough.

This guide helps you navigate the world of community research so that you can truly understand your community members: their needs, motivations and goals. The insights you will receive from this research will help you make better strategic decisions to help you get your community back on track!

This guide includes:

1) Practical information on how to conduct meaningful research that will deliver the insights you need as a community manager

2) Survey template that has been used in REAL cases to research existing communities
3) Instructions on how to collect the data and derive meaningful insights.

This is one of the most important steps in building a meaningful community.

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You'll get PDF guides to conduct member research, a survey template and how to collect insights from the research.

Step 1: Member Research: questions to ask, format
Survey example included
Step 2: Member Insights Instructions: how to process members' feedback
Step 3: How to formulate insights from the feedback
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Community Member Research Guide

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