NFT Community Playbook

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PDF ebook to help you manage your community (by Community Coach). This ebook includes a quick checklist guide to ensure you have thought of everything required before launching your new NFT community, plus some more detailed sections on
- how to organise your channels in Discord
- server rules suggestions (including some examples of other NFT communities' rules)
- FAQ content
- Community onboarding experience (what to think about, bots etc)
- Admins and mods strategy
- Some engagement ideas for your NFT community 
- List of some of the best NFT communities out there (according to Community Coach!)

Community Coach is an experienced community manager with 7+ years of experience in community management and active in many NFT communities. 

After seeing some NFT communities struggling to be managed well by devs/admins who may be new to community management, this guide has been created to help people unfamiliar with managing a community get up to speed (quickly!). 

Any donation you can afford would be appreciated but not necessary. Hope you get the most out of this guide to get your NFT community up and running!

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You'll get a speedy guide to help you manage your NFT community the right way!

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NFT Community Playbook

8 ratings
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